No X server on Alpha?

Nathan Whitehorn nathanw at
Fri Jan 18 09:45:56 PST 2008

Richard Loken wrote:
> On Wed, 16 Jan 2008, Anton Shterenlikht wrote:
>>> Does anyone know why xorg-server is marked not for alpha?
>> no, but gcc42 is also marked not for alpha, but builds fine on my ds10l.
>> Perhaps you could comment this line and give it a try.
> I agree, force the port to install.  And, by the way, most alphas run with
> serial terminals but not all.  I am running X on my PC164 and it works
> just fine but my card choices were limited and I found I needed an SVGA
> card with LOTS of on board memory to do what could be done with any junky
> S3 card when running Linux on Intel.

So it doesn't compile at the moment, because the BSD OS-support code 
doesn't know to link against libio. If you persuade it to do so, the 
build goes through. I have yet to test whether it actually works though.

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