Compaq-cc won't install

Thomas Laus lausts at
Fri Dec 1 05:04:25 PST 2006


I recently attempted to install the Compaq C compiler for the Alpha from the 
FreeBSD Ports Collection and it failed.  This port was designed for the Alpha 
and one of the prerequisites is RPM-3.06.  The RPM port fails to install with 
a message that it is only for the 1386 and IA64 architectures and gives a 
message that I am using an Alpha.  Is there another method to install the 
Compaq C Compiler for my Alpha?

On another note, is this compiler worth installing?  Does it provide better 
code for the Alpha microprocessor than gcc?  The intended use for this Alpha 
workstation is a Kerberos key server.  It would be nice to have the use of 64 
bit integers.


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