SRM compatibility

Rob B rbyrnes at
Sun Nov 6 14:24:14 PST 2005

At 10:49 AM 6/11/2005, Ansar Mohammed wrote:
>Is there a recommended SRM version to use for FreeBSD Alpha?
>I have attempted an install on a 6.x SRM BIOS that is failing on kernel load
>of isp0 on a PWS 433au. The same system loads NetBSD fine. There is another
>guy in hawai who apparently has the same issues.
>I unplugged the controller and tried to reinstall on the IDE disks but got
>some extremely weird problems such as the sysinstall failing to detect some
>ide disks.
>In short, rather than solve my current issues, I would like to know if these
>issues can be mitigated by an SRM upgrade.

I've been talking to a few guys with PWS boxes, and several said that 
the 6.x release boots and works great on them, where the 5.x series 
did not.  You may wish to try that.


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