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Garance A Drosehn gad at
Tue Dec 16 13:46:00 PST 2008

At 9:44 PM +0300 12/16/08, Boris Samorodov wrote:
>"Derrick Brashear" <shadow at> writes:
>>  Editing this web page
>>  to put the same list in it is any better why?
>Your mail is your personal opinion. That site is (or am I mistaken?)
>an official place where to look for information.
>You know, I could have committed the (openafs) port since I got it
>build/install/deinstall succesfully. But I'd better don't do it.
>And discuss a better ways/decisions/etc. at this list. Because
>since the port gets committed it should reflect official position
>of those who *can* make decisions: developers, admins, power users.
>And because it will be (very) hard and/or painful to change the port
>(it's infrastructure, directory layout) later.
>One thing to say something while other to do it. Changes to that
>page (I think) should have been discussed and/or approved by some
>community. If those changes appear that may influence not only a
>FreeBSD port.

Note that Derrick's opinion is much Much more experienced than the
average "person on the street" when it comes to OpenAFS.

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