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Julian H. Stacey jhs at
Fri Dec 14 08:06:11 PST 2007

Grant wrote:
> > >>> It has recently come to my attention that FreeBSD is "similar" to
> > >>> Gentoo Linux.  I've been a Gentoo user for about 5 years and I love
> > >>> the concept, but it feels like the project is slowing down.  I like to
> > >>> learn/use/know one OS for server, media system, laptop, router, etc.
> > >>> How would you compare the two OSes?

Good Grief !  Too many questions on wrong list Grant, Install BSD
& try it!  Not that questions & answers aren't interesting, but on
the wrong list.  Please read the list charter for advocacy@ you got
when you subscribed.

Those with time & interest to read a list with individual questions
are subscribed to questions at .  Newbie questions belong on questions@,
not on advocacy at .  As you appear to not yet even be commited to
being a newbie, you're over quota on advocacy@

"Compare this & that" questions can be politically loaded, often
asked by trolls, not that I'm suggesting you are, but its happened
before, & people may be walking on egg shells, trying to answer all
your questions diplomatically, but sooner or later an egg shell may
burst, to reveal those aren't safe chicken eggs but hide the snappy
fire emitting jaws of  Jurassic Park raptors ;-) I don't want to
see flames from accidents between *BSD (or Debian).

advocacy@ is to eg plan advocacy & PR campaigns & media contacts/
promos etc to attract a mass of interest in FreeBSD, It is not time
effective, or the right forum, to here support individual non user
questions. Please subscribe questions@ read more,
then post to questions at Thanks.

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