BSDLive: FreeBSD Mini CD

Matt Olander matt at
Tue Aug 30 18:18:50 GMT 2005

Hey gang,

Here's where you can get the iso for the FreeBSD business card cd  
that we call BSDLive. It was a great success at OSCON and Linux  
World. Especially at Linux World, where we were happy to see all the  
linux laptops rebooted to FreeBSD as people checked it out  ;-)

Since the iso is less than 48mb, it's pretty skimpy but we managed to  
get blackbox with the opera browser on there so you can still do  
quite a bit with it. This is a live cd, so it doesn't install  
anything on the hard drive. It's great for somebody that wants to  
give FreeBSD a try or to carry in your wallet/purse.


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