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Mike Hoskins mike at
Thu Sep 18 16:43:08 PDT 2003

On Wed, 17 Sep 2003, Michal Pasternak wrote:
> ... even if ${foo}'s way is the one, right way to do that?

no such thing.  it's best to look at all options, taking into account your
specific tools/infrastructure, and do the best you can using all the
resources at your command...  wouldn't you agree?

> > So definitely get a prototype of
> > something working first. It's an easier sell that way.
> You _won't_ make it right basing on "prototypes".

but a working prototype, that does what you want, even if it's just
integrating the Debian stuff you like, can certainly get "buy-in" from the
people that matter.

> > > Python seems a correct language to code such task in. Network
> > > infrastructure would be powered by Twisted Python
> > > (, GUI would be done via py-gtk2.
> > Stuff to be hashed out. Personally I think C/C++ is the best to code
> > this in.
> Well, personally, I don't.

the best is to choose a language that doesn't require extra
compilers/interpreters to be installed...  of course, many _extremely_
useful tools (like cvsup and portupgrade) are written in
less-than-standard languages...  which probably goes to show the best
lanauge is whatever language those willing to do the work prefer.  that's
a bit sugar coated, but it is a volunteer effort.


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