Terry Lambert tlambert2 at
Thu Sep 18 02:54:16 PDT 2003

Johnson David wrote:
> I've been thinking on this for several years now. I've come to the
> conclusion that only a few things are needed. One is a new installer. I
> love text mode installers, but I hear that some ex-Linux people get all
> freaked out when they don't see a GUI. But beyond the GUI, the current
> installer has some definite workflow problems and sharp edges. For a
> while I thought the libh project would be taking care of this, but I
> think it's time to admit that it's finally dead.

I agree with this 100%.

I also think that this is 100% incompatible with installs onto
headless boxes with serial consoles, and that you can't really
reconcile the two approaches in the same distribution without
multiple installation disc's.  This means regular CD's and not
a DVD, or it means a seperate distribution from the WC CDROM

This is also not reconcilable with minimal installs, which do
not have the ability to run a big graphical app.

> Another thing that needs doing is splitting apart the installer and the
> main configuration tool. But the installer should still use the config
> tool, so you don't have to learn two ways of doing things.

This is not impossible to reconcile (after all, you've already
probed the hardware, etc., at this point).  You can seperate
out the data into a model/view/controller style, and vary only
the controller in this case.

I think this is also very hard to do, though, and so I would
punt on this.  The way I would punt is by not supporting two
different approaches for controller on the same distribution.

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-- Terry

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