FreeBSD Revamped Look 'n' feel: Feedback appreciated!

RexFelis catlord17 at
Wed Sep 17 06:15:17 PDT 2003

>I think the argument most people are trying to
>make is that FreeBSD 
>needs a
>more MODERN site, not a more "professional" site
>whatever that means.

>The format of the site hasn't changed in YEARS,
>and in this time, there 
>been many advances in web technology.  In order
>to represent FreeBSD as 
>modern operating system, its web site should
>make use of at least some 
>these technologies.  Of course the site
>shouldn't be gaudy or glib; it
>should be modern looking and appealing to first
>time visitors while
>maintaining its practicality to regular users.

>To the purists, I would say that a modern site
>can actually be MORE
>efficient; that is the purpose of PHP and the
>like.  Things like 
>menus and other dynamic content can make
>browsing a site a lot easier 
>done well.
>FreeBSD needs a new look.

I will have to respectfully disagree.

One of the things I enjoy is "coming home" to the
simple, uncomplicatedness of the current FreeBSD
website.  It's to the point that you start
getting lost on other websites these days, even
the ones designed "for the average computer user"
because they simply try to put too much in too
small a space and they try to get too fancy.

With, I can show up, see what's new,
and access what I need with zero confusion or
getting lost. It's simple, uncomplicated, and
it's not too busy.

I like that.


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