FreeBSD Revamped Look 'n' feel: Feedback appreciated!

Roger 'Rocky' Vetterberg listsub at
Tue Sep 16 00:57:27 PDT 2003

Vulpes Velox wrote:
> On Mon, 15 Sep 2003 10:17:50 +0200
> "Roger 'Rocky' Vetterberg" <listsub at> wrote:
>>Michael W. Oliver wrote:
>>>+--- On Sunday, September 14, 2003 21:15 ---
>>>| Nigel Weeks proclaimed:
>>*snipping some text*
>>Being highly functional and organized does not mean it cant look 
>>good. I agree that the website is a great resource for 
>>those that are already using BSD, but unfortunally I dont think it 
>>helps attracting new users. Its probably the other way around, the 
>>site may very well scare some potential BSD users away to more 
>>proffesional looking sites, ie Red Hat's.
> This is getting bloody annoying... wtf do you mean by proffesional? I have yet
> to see what is so proffesional about redhat's site. It is badly laid out at
> best. 

By proffesional I mean a site that does not look like something a 16 
year old has made in dreamweaver. No offense to the people behind, you are doing a hell of a job and you deserve all the 
credits for it, but still the page could look a lot better.
If you find redhat's site badly laid out, then we obviously have a 
different way of judging things. I find it good looking, easy to 
navigate and well thought out. Too bad their product sucks though.

> Yes, the FreeBSD site could possibly be rearranged to look friendlier to new
> comers, but I seriously doubt copying redhat would help. Glib does not equal
> proffesionalism, at best it is very unproffesional and childish.

I have never said that we should copy redhat, I used it merely as an 
example. And how the hell did glib get into this?

>>>Perhaps your site can fill the void for those who aren't attracted to the 
>>>stock FreeBSD site.
>>>| I'm just trying to help by coming up with ideas, instead of shooting down
>>>| others,and complaining all the time.
>>>| The sooner FreeBSD takes on a professional image, the sooner it'll get
>>>| accepted and treated as a professional solution.
>>>| Yes, it's wrong, but it's how life is.
>>>What is truly wrong are people who redefine their own world to match what 
>>>they think others want to see, rather than doing what they themselves 
>>>believe to be right.
>>What I believe is right, is giving people what they want. If people 
>>want something else then what I want, then who is right?
>>Why not a compromise? Make the first page and a few of the pages 
>>directly below it more "commercial" looking. A nice layout with just 
>>the basics, explaining what FreeBSD is and where to get it. The 
>>rest, ie the handbook, release information etc etc, can look exactly 
>>like it does now. If you are looking in those sections, you are 
>>probably a BSD user already anyway.
>>>Like it or not, the world is what we (you, me, everyone) make it, not what 
>>>others tell us it is.
>>The world is not what you and me make it, its what everyone makes 
>>it. Unfortunally, you and me are a very small part of everyone, so 
>>we can only change that much.
> No, the world is exactly how you make it. If you don't step up to challenges
> then things don't change. If you let idiots have their way with out doing any
> thing about them, then they win.

My experience is that the number of idiots in the world outnumbers 
the amount of non-idiots by 10 to 1, atleast. If I challenged 
everything I thought was wrong without first considering other 
peoples opinion, I would be a minority forcing my will against a 
majority, and I really dont like that thought. "I want it this way, 
who cares what the people want."
I have accepted that not everyone is like me, therefor I try to 
adapt myself.


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