Suspend to ram works on my laptop

Dmitry Kolosov onyx at
Wed Jan 11 19:21:43 UTC 2012

On Вторник 10 января 2012 22:43:27 David Demelier wrote:
> Hello,
> Each time I talked about FreeBSD, I was always saying that suspend to
> ram didn't work on my laptop (HP ProBook 4510s)
> I updated to 9.0-RELEASE and I'm just happy. It just works! Everything
> works after resuming, sound, wifi, drm... Thanks for the great work now
> I will save my battery so much when I won't use my laptop :)
> There is only one thing weird :
> uhci_interrupt: host controller process error
> uhci_interrupt: host system error
> uhci_interrupt: host controller process error
> usbus3: port reset timeout
> usbus7: port reset timeout
> This is what happens when I resume, but the USB ports works as well.
> Cheers,

What video driver/card do you use? 
I'm using nvidia-driver and no suspend/resume works. 
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