ACPI for Asus Notebook N50Vc

simplicissimus hans-wurst19 at
Wed Feb 8 17:10:49 UTC 2012

Hello everybody,

I have just installed FreeBSD 9 on my Asus Notebook.

When I load the acpi_asus module, I get the message

acpi_asus0: Unsupported Asus laptop: N50Vc

This is the output of 

#acpidump -dt > acpidump.aml

It says:

acpidump: RSDT entry 10 (sig ATKG) is corrupt

Is there any chance to get this model working by some simple patch to
acpi_asus.c ?

Brightness control already works with acpi_video, so does the bluetooth
switch, but I was hoping for a chance to get volume control and other
multimedia keys working.

Thanks in advance!

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