Sandy Bridge Support for FBSD 8.1

John Veit John_Veit at
Mon Nov 14 21:35:37 UTC 2011

The Intel SandyBridge_EDS volume 2 decribes how the CPUBUS0, CPUBUS1 values are accessed for each physical CPU Slot. The BIOS loads these values at boot time. For SandyBridge each physical CPU has multiple PCI segments for integrated IO and CPU devices. Thus when 2 CPU's are present the following values are set:
CPU0BUS0=0 (IIO, PCH), CPU0BUS1=63 (IMC, DMA, etc), 
CPU1BUS0=64, CPU1BUS1=127.

Note: We are using amd64 build of FBSD 8.1. It looks like the qpi driver is not supported for Sandy Bridge.
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On Monday, November 14, 2011 9:50:14 am John Veit wrote:
> Motherboard: Dell R720 with 2 SandyBridge X6 CPU's I do not see some 
> devices on the second CPU slot (e.g. the Integrated Memory
Controller devices @ bus(127):slot(15):fn(0)). I do see the IMC devices on the first CPU Slot (bus(63):slot(15):fn(0)), however.
> Please advise.
> Thanks, John Veit
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Eh.  How are you seeing those devices in the first place?  My understanding is that these devices showed up on busses starting with bus 255 on down.  This is managed by the qpi driver in sys/x86/pci/qpi.c.  Hmm, it doesn't see any devices on my SB desktop machine here.  Ah.  It does a CPU ID check that needs to be updated.  However, are the buses defined to be 127 and 63 rather than
255 and 254 as they were on Nehalem/Westmere?  Is there formal documentation you can point me at (from Intel perhaps?) that explains the official method for discovering these PCI buses?

John Baldwin

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