Atom N270 - ACPI Error: [RTMP] Namespace lookup failure

Ed VanderPloeg edv at
Wed Jun 29 18:01:38 UTC 2011

On 2011-06-29 2:38 AM, Andriy Gapon wrote:
> on 29/06/2011 01:07 Ed VanderPloeg said the following:
>> I'm using an Aaeon AEC-6831 embedded system based on an Intel Atom N270, which
>> uses their GENE-9455 motherboard.  After updating the BIOS to enable ACPI, I'm
>> now getting the following (verbose) console message during boot and every 10
>> seconds thereafter:
>> ACPI Error: [RTMP] Namespace lookup failure, AE_NOT_FOUND (20101013/psargs-464)
>> ACPI Error: Method parse/execution failed [\_TZ_.THRM._TMP] (Node 0xc56b0760),
>> AE_NOT_FOUND (20101013/psparse-633)
>> acpi_tz0: error fetching current temperature -- AE_NOT_FOUND
> The problem is that RTMP is defined as an external object:
> External (RTMP, IntObj)
> so it's supposed to come from an additional table, but apparently either no
> additional table defines it or a necessary additional table is not loaded.
> This could be either a BIOS problem or... something else :)

Aaeon tech support has now stated that the errors are from a faulty 
BIOS, and that AWARD will eventually release an update to fix this.

>> The unit seems to run very warm which makes me wonder if this problem is
>> preventing lower power states, if such things are related.
>> I've collected the outputs from a verbose dmesg, from sysctl hw.acpi, and from
>> acpidump.  They are zipped up over here:
> Try either recent stable/8 or head (aka CURRENT) and see if it helps.  They
> contain a change that may be a work-around for a BIOS (ACPI tables) like yours.

I'll give stable/8 a try.

Does this error indicate something potentially harmful, or if it is 
benign?  I can silence the messages easy enough until a BIOS update 
comes out.


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