acpi shows wrong battery state

kuba guzik kuba.g4 at
Wed Sep 22 23:25:40 UTC 2010

2010/9/20 Andriy Gapon <avg at>:
> on 18/09/2010 00:25 kuba said the following:
>> I've compiled 9.0-current kernel yesterday, and there is still the same problem.
>> I've also noticed that after 8.1 installation, there is 50% (more or less? maybe
>> it is stupid, but i don't have any idea how it works,) chance that acpiconf -i batt
>> will show good state. I have already pasted my configs, the new ones are similar.
>> Plesase remeber that I am new BSD user, and not everything you say to me is
>> perfectly clear :) But I am determined to use this system..
> That's good :)
> But it's really hard to see how to help you or what else to check.
> --
> Andriy Gapon

You have to understand that I am not Developer nor programmer, and if
you (FreeBSD support, bsd Community) leave me without any help I'd
have to stop using FreeBSD, because system without battery state on
notebook is useless. I am willing to help and provide all my configs,
test patches etc, but I am not able to fix kernel module myself. Yes,
I know that it can be HP fault, but most notebook producers provide
hardware with Windows and  "WinBIOSes". That is not only my notebook
problem because most of  hp dv7 from 1xxx series have the same BIOS.
If you give up on me now, potential FreeBSD users will have problem in
I wrote that sometimes I have proper battery state (especially on the
beginning, fresh install and booting form linux to FreeBSD, before
kde, dbus, hal (etc..) installation). ASL output is the same when
battery indicator is active and when its broken so maybe problem lies
elsewhere. I don't have this problem on Linux, implementation of acpi
is different? I'm looking forward for answer.

cheers, kuba

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