acpi shows wrong battery state

kuba kuba.g4 at
Fri Sep 17 21:26:02 UTC 2010

Sorry, but for couple of days,I didn't have access to the Internet.

>> I've noticed that always after installation on "clean" system acpi
>> shows proper battery state( 8.0 and 8.1), but when I install xorg,
>> dbus, kde and reboot I will be dealing with acpi errors... again.
> Look for other things that you can correlate - like first reboot after booting to
> other OS, etc.
I've compiled 9.0-current kernel yesterday, and there is still the same problem.
I've also noticed that after 8.1 installation, there is 50% (more or less? maybe
it is stupid, but i don't have any idea how it works,) chance that acpiconf -i batt
will show good state. I have already pasted my configs, the new ones are similar.
Plesase remeber that I am new BSD user, and not everything you say to me is
perfectly clear :) But I am determined to use this system..

cheers, kuba

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