Brightness change on notebook that follow ACPI specification (par. B.7)

Dan Lukes dan at
Tue Mar 30 09:05:47 UTC 2010

On 03/30/10 10:47, Rui Paulo:
>> Most notebooks have special keys (mostly Fn+something) to change brightness of LCD display.
>> Some of them (my notebok, for example) follows the ACPI specification (paragraph B.7) how to announce the user request for brightness change to OS.
>> I implemented such handling as part of acpi-video module.

> I see nothing wrong with this patch and I think it can be committed, but I would like others to take a look.

Thanks. Code review needs to be done also, but it would be nice to have 
more "yes, it works with my NB and OS ?.??" reports at this phase ...

Did you tried it ? Which notebook and FreeBSD version ?


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