Funny battery values (nx6325)

Dan Lukes dan at
Sat Mar 20 21:26:11 UTC 2010

Joerg Wunsch wrote:
> Battery state reporting went a little funny.  As expected, it
> initially dropped quickly until it reported a remaining runtime of
> 0:00 (as that time was based on the nonsensical 279 mAh level).  At
> that point, the report was stuck at the same values for maybe 30 or 40
> minutes, until ACPI eventually reported a "battery is seriously low"
> event.  Then, it started to report actual data (battery voltage,
> current draw) again.
> Alas, the reported values now are still way off:
> remi# acpiconf -i0
> Design capacity:        791 mAh
> Last full capacity:     791 mAh

Three or four cycles of charging / depth depleting may recalibrate the 
internals and reported values may become more appropriate.

You should not stop the discharging prematurely - it affect the results.

If you run notebook mostly on AC adapter so the battery is never 
discharged so much then internal circuits become confused about battery 
capacity. It's common behavior - nothing special to notebooks.


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