No brightness control on Acer laptop

Székvölgyi Péter ghostp at
Sun Jan 17 22:48:22 UTC 2010

Székvölgyi Péter wrote:
> I have a Acer Extensa 5620 laptop and i didn't change the brightness
> with keys or sysctl value.
> I loaded asus, ibm and other laptop acpi modul, but nothing change.
> Anyone has an idea how
> can i change the brightness fater the system booted? ( Without ACPI i
> can change, the brightness. )

Hi everyone!

A boot-ed with verbose mode, and if i want to change the brightness i saw
on dmesg: ( brightness down with key ):
acpi: bad write to port 0x080 (32), val 0x1d
or ( brightness up with key )
acpi: bad write to port 0x080 (32), val 0x1c

I tested with other dsdt file from google acer acpi, nothing changed:

I installed FreeBSD-Current to an usb key and booted. The error is the
same with brightness control.

Anyone has an idea wath wrong?

Thanks ours help!

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