FreeBSD 8.0 hangs on boot with ACPI enabled

John Baldwin jhb at
Fri Jan 8 13:47:25 UTC 2010

On Thursday 07 January 2010 6:02:33 pm Joerg Wunsch wrote:
> As John Baldwin wrote:
> > Wait, does disabling acpi_thermal change the system resource
> > settings such at ahc now works even with sysres not disabled?  That
> > is weird!
> No, both are unrelated.  So right now, I have both, thermal and sysres
> in the disabled list.  Using this, the entire system now at least
> works.
> (But it used to work including the ACPI thermal stuff in the past.)
> > As far as debugging the acpi_thermal hang I think you would want to
> > add some printfs to the acpi_thermal kthreads to narrow down where
> > the hang occurs.
> OK, I'll have a closer look at that within the next days.
> Meanwhile, further ideas how to fix the ahc0 resource allocation are
> welcome (or a definitive decision that it's a resource allocation bug
> in my BIOS, so disabling sysres is the most appropriate workaround
> anyway).

For now I would just leave sysres disabled in the BIOS.  Fixing the resource
allocation stuff is very non-trivial. :-/

John Baldwin

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