Fighting for the power.

Ian Smith smithi at
Tue May 12 10:51:59 UTC 2009

On Tue, 12 May 2009, Peter Jeremy wrote:
 > On 2009-May-11 13:38:25 -0700, Kevin Oberman <oberman at> wrote:
 > >LI-Ion batteries will deteriorate if not fully discharged periodically
 > >and even more if almost always on AC power and fully charged.
 > Li-ION batteries deterioriate under virtually any conditions.  My
 > reading suggests storing them partially charged in a fridge is best.

My reading also.  I've got a spare virtually-new Li-Ion battery for my 
old Compaq Armada (my main server :) in the fridge at the moment, its 
present battery looking like it might last another year at best.

 > >charge point. "Full discharge" means disabling automatic suspend on low
 > >battery in power management and letting them run down as far as
 > >possible.
 > A friend & I both have HP nx6125 laptops.  We have both accidently run
 > our batteries to cutoff on a number of occasions and every time we do,
 > acpiconf reports the battery capacity drops by about 5%.

Might that be because the battery only adjusts its capacity data on full 
discharge, though?

cheers, Ian

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