FreeBSD 8.0 hangs on boot with ACPI enabled

John Baldwin jhb at
Wed Dec 30 14:29:03 UTC 2009

On Wednesday 30 December 2009 3:25:56 am Joerg Wunsch wrote:
> I've got an old mainboard here which I wanted to use as a scratch
> machine now.  As I don't have the (PCI-based) VGA card anymore that
> used to work there, I found an older AGP-based card.  Using this card,
> FreeBSD (including 8.0-RELEASE) does not boot with ACPI enabled, it
> hangs when detecting the disks (right after the "md0: Preloaded
> image..." message).
> If I disable ACPI, it boots fine.
> As I cannot find a PCI-based VGA, I cannot test that anymore, but the
> board used to be my main working machine in the past, including ACPI.
> Find both boot (verbose) messages attached, captured from a serial
> console.
> Does anyone have any ideas?

I'm guessing that ahc0 doesn't like the the I/O port resource range it was 
assigned in the ACPI case.  No idea why ACPI would clobber that BAR.

John Baldwin

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