Trouble with ACPI on Toshiba Satellite A210

Pattern® patttern at
Sat Jul 12 23:09:03 UTC 2008

I have notebook Toshiba Satellite A210-16F with configuration^
CPU: AMD Turion 64 x2 Mobile Technology TL-58 1,9GHz
HDD: Hitachi HTS542516K9SA00
I trying install FreeBSD 7.0 versions AMD64 ( and i386 ( (bootonly
and disk1 for both). After booting with ACPI, sysinstall don't find HDD. I
can install FreeBSD only without ACPI with distributive of i386.
After install in normal booting with ACPI (point 1 in beasty-boot console),
system don't find HDD too.
This link on dmesg with acpi (
(10kb). Kernel build with option ACPI_DEBUG=1.
But if booting without ACPI (point 2 in beasty-boot console), HDD avaible.
This link on dmesg without acpi ( (9kb)
I can't sending "sysctl hw.acpi", because with ACPI system don't loading,
but without ACPI sysctl haven't information about it.
This link on dump ASL without acpi ( (287kb)
Please, help me correct this trouble.
Sorry for my english (i'm russian)

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