ACPI problem on EPOX MVP3C2

vader at vader at
Mon Jan 7 03:54:28 PST 2008

Dear sir,

	First of all, apology for my poor English.
I have a EPOX MVP3C2 mainboard, running FreeBSD 7.0 
( in fact, I will use it for Freenas) 
while enabling ACPI, there're some troubles:
1. the NICs, 3C905C-TXM or RTL8139 / RTL8169, won't work,
always get the "watchdog timeout" responding,.
2. the floppy disc (FD0) will be gone, too.
3. Maybe there're other problems, but I only notice 2 as above for now.
Other suspicious problems suppose to be listed on below records.
Here're the info I follow your instruction to record

1. dmesg with ACPI enable
	devices in /DEV/ (FD0 is lost)
2. dmesg with ACPI disable
	devices in /DEV/ (no ACPI, but FD0 is back)
3. out put from sysctl hw.acpi

4.ACPI Source Language dump
and the other ACPI dump under DOS, hope would be useful
I can disable ACPI then everything will be smooth, however, 
the system won't be shutdown totally by  the shutdown command or ACPI button, 
I must turn on monitor to confirm shutdown being completed 
then turn off the power switch.

Please help me, If need any additional info, please tell me, 
Thank you in advanced!

Best regards,

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