acpi_throttle: quirk based on pci info

Nate Lawson nate at
Thu Feb 28 18:11:15 UTC 2008

John Baldwin wrote:
> Actually, we can make ichss rather simple w/o changing it much by having it 
> just set a global variable in its PCI probe routine and checking that global 
> when attaching to the CPU.

I like your approach.

> One other thing that concerns me is that cpufreq drivers want to know about 
> each other (e.g. smist checks for ichss0, etc.).  I'd rather that if we have 
> multiple drivers controlling the same back-end hardware (via difference 
> interfaces) they all use the same driver name (e.g. speedstep0) and use probe 
> priority to decide which driver wins if both ichss0 and smist0 can handle a 
> CPU for example.

It took me a while to figure out what the generic interface was actually 
hooking up to in terms of hardware.  For example, some laptops export 
p4tcc via acpi_throttle.  Others export a SMI/BIOS equivalent that 
programs the chipset instead of the CPU.  Unfortunately, there doesn't 
seem to be an easy way to figure out if two drivers are talking to the 
same hardware so it seems the right choice is to only use the generic 
interface if the hw-specific one fails to attach.

I think making acpi_throttle attach at a lower priority than ichss, est, 
and smist is the best approach.  I wouldn't want to change the names as 
it would be hard to figure out which hw is actually being driven. 
Still, there needs to be a way for them to indicate that they attach to 
the same hw as acpi_throttle.  Your global may be the best approach for now.

> Here is a patch to make CPUs come after PCI and an attempt to fix ICH.  Note 
> that if we made ichss_identify() manually look for the PCI device by bsf 
> instead of using a probe routine to find it we could remove the pci "driver" 
> completely and make it work on kldload.  It also fixes a bug that the attempt 
> to enable SS via a PCI config register write could never work as it passed a 
> cpu0 device_t to pci_read_config/pci_write_config in ichss_probe() 
> previously.  I moved this to attach() (where it belongs) and used the right 
> device_t so this should work now.  I have no hardware to test it on though.

ICH SpeedStep is pretty old.  You need Pentium 3 era laptops, i.e IBM T23.


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