amd64 S3 patch on HP 6715b: NICs won't work after resume from S3

Coleman Kane cokane at
Mon Dec 29 15:50:03 UTC 2008


I've been testing Jung-uk Kim's recent amd64 suspend patch on my HP
notebook, and it seems to be very close to working well.

The notebook goes into S3 state properly, but when it comes back out it
seems that the hardware is left in a bad state. I cannot attach my
if_bge and if_ndis network drivers after a resume.

I've tried performing the suspend/resume with the appropriate kldunload
lines in the /etc/rc.suspend, and I've also played around with the
following sysctls to no avail:
  * debug.acpi.do_powerstate
  * hw.pci.do_power_resume
  * hw.pci.do_power_nodriver

Additionally, when the system is resumed I needed hw.acpi.reset_video=1
to be set, otherwise the video doesn't get restored. I also need to
execute a "vidcontrol 80x25" to refresh the syscons as well (or else I
get no text on the screen). It seems that Xorg will resume properly if
I've switched to a text console prior to the suspend (Alt-Ctrl-F1
through -F8), otherwise the video will come up hosed. I suspect there's
probably a way that I can force the switch in a scripted manner in

Anyhow, it seems that some devices resume properly and some don't. The
ones that don't seem to be my ndis0 (wireless card, BCM4321) and my
bge0, which would be handy things to be able to use after a resume.

Does anyone have similar issues in amd64 or i386 kernels when using S3?
Any suggestions on where to go?

Coleman Kane
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