shutdown does not power down

Unga unga888 at
Tue Dec 9 22:51:22 PST 2008

--- On Wed, 12/10/08, Nate Lawson <nate at> wrote:

> Are you sure devfs is not just hiding it since it
> wasn't used yet?
> devfs unhide or touch /dev/acpi would probably reveal it.
1) touch /dev/acpi
    Operation not supported

2) devfs unhide
I did following but still /dev/acpi does not appear:

add path acpi unhide


--- On Wed, 12/10/08, Peter Jeremy <peterjeremy at> wrote:

> Are you sure ACPI is attaching?
Not sure. but
sysctl -a | grep acpi 
shows lot of acpi info

sysctl hw.acpi
sysctl: unknown oid 'hw.acpi'

> Does kldstat report 'acpi.ko'?

> Do you have an 'acpi0' device in your
> /var/run/dmesg.boot (and
> not have any ACPI-related errors in the probe messages)?
No acpi0. No acpi word in the log.

> Do you have a hw.acpi sysctl tree?

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