Suspend/Resume on AMD64

Miguel Lopes Santos Ramos miguel at
Sat Aug 30 18:18:42 UTC 2008


I'm running amd64 on my laptop since early 2005.
Had a bunch of problems, ehci, radeon, etc, but most were fixed by someone since then.
One thing I still miss though is ACPI suspend/resume.
Browsing through dev/acpica I found out that this feature set is simply disabled outside i386
(several #ifndef __i386__) and figured that maybe that's just because no one appeared to test it.

Well, I hereby volunteer to test this.
I have already removed the ifndefs and achieved a machine hang when tried to suspend.

I have some experience with 80386 initialization (almost obsolete),
I am a capable programmer (able to keep the indentation of an existing source file),
and may be able to develop some new code if someone points me to the right
documents at Intel or AMD.
I am partially available on weekends.

Will someone involved with suspend/resume on i386 help me on this?
Would it be necessary to move to -CURRENT?
Where should I start?


Miguel Ramos

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