ACER 5050

User Lenzi lenzi at
Tue Aug 26 23:19:23 UTC 2008

Em Qua, 2008-08-27 às 01:13 +0300, Alexander Motin escreveu:

> sergio lenzi wrote:
> > Some months ago I post a question in the acpi list
> > and seems that have no solution....
> I also have problem with resource assignment on Acer notebook (in my 
> case TM6292). Now I live (mostly good, but unhappy) on 8-CURRENT with 
> ugliest and dirtiest hack possible which I found with google which just 
> assigns required resources to bge and iwn adapters. If somebody would 
> like to investigate my problem I am ready to be a laboratory rat.

Well, at least you and Alexander, have learn an lesson:
NEVER, ever buy another ACER.
they do not care about the customers (us)... 
they do not have a "standard"  bios  (that follows acpica,
the same specification they signed do follow).

Why I have an ACER???  someone (the shop owner) 
owned me money and I had no choice but to choose
the only notebook they sell.

Thanks for the "tip" Alexander,   I will try a 8-CURRENT.... in the
spare partition...

News follows...


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