HP6710: 7-current can't boot with enabled acpi

Nate Lawson nate at root.org
Tue Sep 18 18:36:33 PDT 2007

Roman Pavlik wrote:
> FreeBSD 7-current, snap 200708 can't boot on Compaq/HP 6710b laptop with
> ACPI enabled. The boot process ends with 
>  acpi_tz0: _AC4: temperature 65.0 >= setpoint 30.0
>  acpi_tz0: _AC3: temperature 65.0 >= setpoint 40.0
>  acpi_tz0: _AC2: temperature 65.0 >= setpoint 50.0
> which indefinitely loops. However manual escape to debugger is possible.
> Without acpi it works fine. There is no problem with
> FreeBSD 6.x release even with ACPI enabled. The attached files:

You should try ecng-7d.diff, posted earlier today by me.

> There is another problem on this machine (I'm not sure if it is connected
> with ACPI problem): It froze during boot if the integrated LAN is 
> enabled in the BIOS (it is BroadCom NetLink Gigabyte adapter - 
> the driver for it is not in 6.2 release but was already added to 
> STABLE branch). 

I don't understand.  Tell me whether boot freezes on which FreeBSD
version (6.2, 6-stable, 7-current) and whether the NetLink driver is
loaded or not.


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