[HEADSUP] ACPI-CA 20070126 import

Max N. Boyarov m.boyarov at bsd.by
Sat Mar 17 10:50:34 UTC 2007

>>>>> "JK" == Jung-uk Kim writes:
 JK> I believe it is quite stable because I have been using this patch on 
 JK> my primary desktop and laptop for a while and it was tested on amd64, 
 JK> i386, and ia64.  However, since the patch is huge, I may have missed 
 JK> something.  If you find something wrong, please let me know before it 
 JK> is too late. ;-)


 I don't see regression on my T60.
 dmesg http://ncd0.bsd.by/out/dmesg_acpi.txt

Max N. Boyarov
jabber: zotrix at jabber.ru

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