Help required for HP NC6000 Suspend on Ram Troubleshooting

Olivier Fauchon olivier at
Wed Jun 20 08:34:39 UTC 2007

> Set sysctl debug.acpi.suspend_bounce=1 (6-stable and 7-current) and see
> if all the drivers resume properly.  The system won't go to sleep but
> this helps test your device drivers.

1/ When using the following commands: 

  sysctl debug.acpi.suspend_bounce=1
  acpiconf -s3 

- Screen goes black
- Screen comes back, X revives, "/etc/rc.d/netif restart" restores 
- Usb devices (mouse)... works again 
- The system is fully operationnal

I can see in the logs: 

ath0: link state changed to DOWN
wakeup from sleeping state (slept 00:00:03)

So I guess my system pass the test.

2/ Some precisions about my problem

When doing a 'regular' acpiconf -s3 , 

- I can hear 3 'beeps'
- Screen goes black
- The power led is still green (No suspend on red blinking led
indicating S3 mode)

I can read in the logs
( )

 **** hwsleep-0404 [256] AcpiEnterSleepState   : Entering sleep state

My guess is that the system can't call properly S3 ACPI Suspend code???

Any more help required :-) 

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