Joseph Golio joseph.golio at
Fri Apr 13 15:48:27 UTC 2007


I'm new to ACPI and I'm in the process of trying to figure out how I can
attach a handler to a GPE, at least I think it's a GPE. A bit of
background is in order...


I'm working with a motherboard that has the Intel Blackford chipset. The
chipset is wired in such a way that the MCH ERR[2] output is connected
to the PIRQF/GPI<3> input pin of the ICH. I have the MCH configured to
assert ERR2 on certain error conditions on the FSB, FBD Channels, PCI
buses, etc. I also have the ICH configured to generate an SCI when PIRQF
asserts. As I understand it from reading the ESB2 (ICH) docs, this
generates an IRQ 21. When I force an error, I get the following error
message on the console:


ACPI-0800: *** Error: AcpiEvGpeDispatch: No handler or method for
GPE[13], disabling event


I've started reading the ACPI 3.0 Spec, but, needless to say, that's
quite a challenge. So, first I'd like to understand the binding of IRQ
21 in the ICH's APIC to the GPE[13] that ACPI is obviously seeing. Next,
I'd like to understand if it's possible to attach my own handler to the
GPE[13] rather than have ACPI deal with it. 


Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.




Joe Golio

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