No resume on Acer Aspire 5101AWLMi (6.2-RELEASE)

JoaoBR joao at
Sun Apr 1 20:44:35 UTC 2007

On Sunday 01 April 2007 17:20, Nate Lawson wrote:
> Andrew wrote:
> >> I'm having trouble waking my AMD64 based laptop after an 'acpiconf -s
> >> 3'. This computer runs FreeBSD 6.2-RELEASE for i386 and the very
> >> latest BIOS from Acer.
> >>
> >> The laptop goes to sleep correctly (apparently only when X11 is not
> >> running, though) but it will not wake up fully. That is, the HD and


> STR is very hard to get right given the wide number of BIOS-specific
> bugs that we can't even see from the OS.  Add to that the immature state
> of many X/display drivers in supporting resume and you can understand
> why even Linux, which has 10x the developers and assistance from Intel
> employees still has a lot of the same problems.

seems that actual no Acer NB wakes up correctly and the problem seems to be 
the video, The best I get is a wierd 4color display, seems to be a 640x480 
part snapshot picture of the 1280x768 I use. Anything else is usable, so I 
can shutdown blind or to check I created a shortcut to play a music and it 
does. Also my mp3 is mounted by devd. It doesn't matter w or w/o X. And like 
you say, I tried RH-FC and it also does not come back. 



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