DELL D610 lid and backlight

Eric Anderson anderson at
Tue Mar 21 14:10:27 UTC 2006

Mark Andrews wrote:
>> Mark Andrews <Mark_Andrews at> writes:
>>> 	I have a problem if I enable acpi on my dell d610.  The backlight
>>> 	goes off and doesn't come back on if the lid is closed.  This is
>>> 	independent of whether debug.acpi.disabled="lid" is set or not.
>> For the Dell X1, 
>> enable acpi_video in loader.conf: /boot/loader.conf with:
>> acpi_video_load="YES"
>> add this to /etc/devd.conf:
>> # lid open/close events
>> notify 10 {
>> 	match "system"		"ACPI";
>> 	match "subsystem"	"Lid";
>>         action "/etc/rc.lid $notify";
>> };
>> /etc/rc.lid is:
>> #!/bin/sh
>> # deal with lid switch events
>> if [ x$1 = x0x00 ]; then
>> 	logger -t Lid Closed at `date`
>> 	sysctl
>> else
>> 	logger -t Lid Opened at `date`
>> 	sysctl
>> fi
> 	Thanks.  That helped.  I've got "shutdown -p now" back now as
> 	well.  The back light was more important than power management
> 	so I had disabled acpi between between sessions.
> 	Standby still has the same symptoms.  I added
> to sysctl.conf in case it was rebooting
> 	so it would restore the back light on the way up.  This doesn't
> 	appear to be the case.

If you have debugging enabled - it might be going into the debugger.  
Check caps lock - does it work?  If so, try doing a 'call doadump' and 
hit enter - does the hd run for a while?  If it does, when it stops 
running, type 'restart' and maybe it will reboot.

On my D810 (which is the same system as the D610 I believe), I can get 
it to suspend, but resuming makes the system boot up like it had been 
turned off. 

I have these settings in /etc/sysctl.conf:


And have played with these two settings:

I also have this in /boot/loader.conf, but can't recall why:



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