Trouble with ACPI on my TabletPC TC1000

Milan Obuch acpi at
Mon Mar 6 09:09:21 UTC 2006

I would like to get some help to solve my problem with ACPI on TC1000. With 
freshly cvsupped -current it does not boot with ACPI enabled. I collected 
some info as mentioned in FreeBSD handbook for ACPI debugging, available at
There are basically two sets of files - 5.5-PRERELEASE with working ACPI and 
7.0-CURRENT with broken ACPI. No info is included from 6.x version, however, 
I did test it once or twice and it fails just like -current.
As there are some parts enhanced in -current and TC1000 has better hardware 
support there I would like to get this corrected, but I am not yet able to do 
it alone.

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