apic interrupt assignment

Andriy Gapon avg at icyb.net.ua
Thu Jun 15 17:18:48 UTC 2006

This does not cause any troubles for me, but makes me wonder why it
happens, excerpt from vmstat -i -a:
irq16:                                 0          0
irq17:                                 0          0
irq18:                                 0          0
irq19: nvidia0                   6310688         79
irq20: nve0 ohci0                3684463         46
irq21: pcm0 ohci1                  75931          0
irq22: ehci0                           0          0
irq23:                                 0          0

So, IRQ 16-18 and 23 are free, but IRQ 20 and 21 are shared between two
devices each.

Is this something with the way my HW is wired ?
Or is this something with the way BIOS and ACPI tables are configured ?
Or is this something suboptimal with our ACPI and/or APIC code ?

Verbose dmesg:
ACPI tables:

Andriy Gapon

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