Asus W5F acpi support

Steve Clement steve at
Thu Dec 28 04:01:22 PST 2006

Hi List,

First of all: Good job of all who are actively involved in the acpi on 
FreeBSD project! It is by far one of the least troublesome systems under 
BSD (as a user of course)

I temporarily subscribed to get my new Asus W5F running with all the 
features it can use.

In order to do that I would need to get help from some of you that know 
how the acpi_asus module works.

my identifier is: W5Fm and if I add this to asus_acpi.c:
                .name           = "W5Fm",
I supposedly get hotkey support:
acpi_asus0: <Asus W5Fm Laptop Extras> on acpi0

So it at least identifies itself and seems to work with the very basic.

question now is how to get the rest working and what does the rest mean?
.bled_set       = "BLED",
.tled_set       = "TLED",
.wled_set       = "WLED",
.mled_set       = "MLED",
.lcd_get        = "\\BKLT",
.lcd_set        = "\\_SB.PCI0.SBRG.EC0._Q10",
.brn_get        = "GPLV",
.brn_set        = "SPLV",
.disp_get       = "\\_SB.PCI0.P0P2.VGA.GETD",
.disp_set       = "SDSP"

And how can I debug what the specific parameter for disp_get / lcd_set is?

I can make educated guesses but I guess thats not what a community based 
project is for.

And I have a small but annoying bug to report, when I do:

acpiconf -i batt

my display either dimms one up or down depending on how I dimmed it last.

That was true yesterday, I tried just now and I couldn't reproduce it, 
but I am quite sure it isn't gone and it's due to something else, I 
throw it in just in case someone goes AHA :)

Also when I press the power button it doesn't always turn off but goes 
into a weird power save mode, which might actually only be the suspend mode.
The suspend mode works, but waking up does not.

On boot I get the following a few times (ADR 8 times, I/O 2 times):

acpi_bus_number: can't get _ADR
unknown: I/O range not supported

I now know that it is partly because of the Wireless Card, cause if I 
disable it with the switch and re-enable it, it will give me the ADR 
What does that mean?

thanks for the help,

Steve Clement

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