Lock up when going to 'economy mode' (battery)

Eric Anderson anderson at centtech.com
Fri Apr 28 01:35:23 UTC 2006

Nate Lawson wrote:
> Eric Anderson wrote:
>> Here's another thing I noticed (unrelated to above):
>> I booted with the main battery, and had a dvd drive in the option bay.
>> Unplug the AC, battery remaining time shows about 4 hours.
>> Plug AC back in.
>> Then did:
>> atacontrol detach ata1
>> and removed the dvd drive.
>> Then, I inserted the secondary battery.
>> I didn't notice anything (no battery charging, no dmesg info, etc).
>> I then unplugged the AC, and the battery remaining time shows '-1'.
>> Hints?
> Battery bay hotplug detection is not yet implemented.  If you boot with 
> the battery in, then do the swap and back, it will work.  I have a local 
> patch that implements it but it's not stable enough to commit.  It 
> handled hotplug of lots of devices, and last I remember hung up on lpt 
> hotplug.  I think iwasaki@ fixed this with his acpi_dock commit.
> Now that acpi_dock has been added to -current, it may make sense to 
> re-test my patch.

Yea, you're right.  Works fine when booted with both batteries installed.

Thanks for clarifying.


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