Thinkpad T43 strangeness

jedihobbes at jedihobbes at
Mon Sep 19 06:00:23 PDT 2005

It's not USB, it's the built in one. No USB related error messages,
USB devices work. Moused fails, because it can't find /dev/psm0.
AFAIK, the touchpad is a PS2 device.

As a thought, I just read in NOTES that adding "device acpi" is
deprecated, but then if I take "device acpi" out and leave "device
acpi_ibm" then acpi_ibm does NOT load. Also, be aware that I have
"hint.acpi.apic.0.disabled="1"" and "hw.psm.synaptics_support="1"" in
loader.conf. One final note, if you look at the bottom of your T43
under "Type", what does it say? Mine's an 1871-14G, which means no
fingerprint reader, Intel Media Graphics Accelerator 900 instead of
Mobility Radeon X300 and so on.

So. Do I remove "device acpi" from my kernconf??? Will "device
acpi_video" make any difference to the situation? What would make psm
NOT detect the internal mouse when I have "device acpi" in my
kernconf, as opposed to when acpi is loaded dynamically on boot? I am
SO confused:-P

On 9/19/05, Tobias Roth <roth at> wrote:
> On Mon, Sep 19, 2005 at 10:56:42AM +0200, jedihobbes at wrote:
> > Alright, so I'm running 6.0-BETA4 on a Thinkpad T43, and I'd like to
> > use tpb, which requires ACPI_IBM, which in turn only seems to work
> > properly when I have "device ACPI" in my kernel conf. If I leave out
> > ACPI in my kernel conf, then everything works hardware wise. When I
> > enable ACPI, then ACPI_IBM and tpb work brilliantly...but the mouse
> > doesn't work. I've disabled APIC in loader.conf to fix the
> > suspend/restart problems (as per a recommendation on a site
> > somewhere), but other then that everything else is fairly stock.
> > Suggestions?
> Any messages when you plug the mouse in or out? Are you running moused?
> Do you see the problem under X or the console or both? Do other usb
> devices work? Do you see usb related error messages during boot?
> I have a T43 here that works perfectly with acpi, acpi_vide, acpi_ibm
> and a mouse.
> cheers, t.

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