Another acpi_thermal nit

Hajimu UMEMOTO ume at
Thu Sep 8 21:35:54 PDT 2005


>>>>> On Thu, 08 Sep 2005 17:18:54 -0700
>>>>> Nate Lawson <nate at> said:

nate> Our acpi_thermal code switches between active and passive cooling 
nate> strategies when going off battery power.  So it is likely that your 
nate> system only uses passive cooling so aggressively when offline.

In current implementation, passive cooling is always enabled.  But, I
believe that _PSV has higher value than _ACx in usual.  Thus, when AC
is online, active cooling is preferred.

My understanding is that passive cooling became active with AC online,
then became AC offline during passive cooling is active in his case.
I cannot understand why passive cooling is active so aggressively even
when AC online.  I suspect that his laptop doesn't have any fan, or
his fan couldn't be active due to some reason.


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