No wakeup after S3 sleep

Emil Khatib fenomenoxp2 at
Sun Oct 9 11:39:15 PDT 2005

Hello everyone.
I'm trying to get S3 sleep state working of FreeBSD 5.4 i386 on an ASUS
K8V-X motherboard. I've been able to suspend it but I didn't get it back
working. Here is what it tells me just before the machine sleeps:
ioapic_suspend: not implemented!
It repeats the same message a few times. Then it sleeps correctly.

On wake up, the graphic card BIOS is called and then the HD LED is turned on
and I can hear some noise from the HD. After a while I get:
ad4: FAILURE - ATA_IDENTIFY timed out.

It reacts to the keyboard, but very slowly. But the system doesn't come
back; all I can do is reboot with the reset button.

Is there any workaorund? or is it a HW failure (I dont think so, because it
works both on windows and on linux)?

Thanks in advance

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