Sony VAIO - suspend/resume works, but SLOW

Fabian Keil freebsd-listen at
Tue Oct 4 07:01:05 PDT 2005

Eric Anderson <anderson at> wrote:

> After switching to a new laptop, now a VAIO VGN-A170P (Pentium-M 
> 1.5GHz), I've started messing with ACPI suspend and resume again.
> Suspend seems to work just fine (at least from console mode - haven't 
> tried from X yet).
> Resume seems to work, however once the system is resumed, it is 
> incredibly slow.  Slow as in - about 5-10 seconds to show the word
> 'top' after typed into the console.
> When watching top, I don't see anything abnormal - nothing seems to
> be gobbling CPU (it appears as mostly idle).  When I go to do a
> reboot, it will never reboot, hangs before finally syncing disks.
> This happens while in single user mode with no modules loaded.
> Any tips on what to do next?  (backtrace?)
> Recent dmesg/acpidumps/kernelconfigs/sysctl output here:

If I didn't overlook it, your kernel lacks "device pmtimer".
Without it, I get the symptoms you described.

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