[Fwd: cvs commit: src/sys/dev/acpica acpi_cmbat.c]

Doug Poland doug at polands.org
Tue Nov 22 18:58:48 PST 2005

> Nate Lawson wrote:
> >Here is a patch that should fix the battery hangs on RELENG_6.  It
> >was tested to work fine, although I need testing from an affected
> >user to verify it fixes the problem.  It was committed to HEAD and
> >will be MFCed if it fixes the problem.
> > 
My Dell C600 is affected by this problem.  I'm running 6.0-STABLE and
would be glad to test the patch.  Since I don't run patches often, if
someone could point me to a doc on how to apply the patch, I'd
appreciate it.

> >I'm a bit disappointed that no one reported this problem in the 2
> >weeks it was present in 7-current.  If you have the time to run
> >-current on at least one partition of your laptop, that would assist
> >me greatly.
> >
My laptop was dedicated to other uses between RC1 and early last week.
Too bad I missed it.


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