cvs commit: src/sys/dev/acpica acpi_perf.c

M. Warner Losh imp at
Sun Mar 27 23:18:34 PST 2005

In message: <4247A90C.5050000 at>
            Nate Lawson <nate at> 
: Then, recompile your asl as described in the handbook and load it at 
: boot.  I'll try to figure out a way to work around this but it looks 
: difficult to detect since 16 bits is a valid register width.  I seem to 
: remember imp@ had a means for detecting that a resource alloc failed due 
: to an overlapping register and then split the previous resource (since 
: this driver owns both).  I'll ask.

Allocation fails.  You can't find out why: it failed because someone
else owned things.

I'll take a closer look at this case, but I know that I was seeing the
problem too.

I just fixed handling of allocation requests that ended up being
returned incorrectly.


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