link_elf: symbol AcpiDmDumpMethodInfo undefined

fandino fandino at
Thu Mar 17 08:57:15 PST 2005

Warner Losh wrote:
> From: fandino <fandino at>
>>>>I get this error when I compile 5.4-PRERELEASE with ACPI_DEBUG.
>>>>Did I miss something?
>>>You need to recompile both kernel and modules with that option.
>>apart from deleting /usr/obj/usr/src/sys followed of the typical
>>"make kernel KERNCONF=xxx"
>>what more do I need to do?
>>because it's what I did and I'm getting the undefined error.
> Which symbol is undefined?  and which kernel module, exactly, are you
> building?

In my fisrt post, there is a dmesg:

it's an 5.4-PRERELEASE kernel with "options ACPI_DEBUG" added to the
config file.

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