My laptop won't resume

Xavier Maillard xavier.maillard at
Fri Mar 4 00:28:37 PST 2005


I am fairly new at FreeBSD stuff so I may have done wrong things.

When I do a:

acpiconf -s S3

my laptop is suspending correctly.

WHen I hit the power button to resume the laptop, it hangs without
any notice/message. 

I am using -CURRENT on a Acer Travelmate LMi806 laptop. All I can say
is that with Freesbie, suspending/resuming was working pretty well
even if I had a few panics.

Now it just won't resume at all (black screen with prompt hinting, no
message, nothing).

WHat can I check to help you identify the problem ?

I remember the VESA reset stuff but that didn't change anything. I
upgraded -CURRENT yesterday night (10PM Paris time).

Hope you will be able to help me.
Xavier Maillard
Membre LoLiCA
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