Dell Inspiron 510m sleep states S3/S4 not working

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Tue Mar 1 21:35:29 GMT 2005

In article <422448BC.4000607 at> you write:

>I have a dell inspiron 510m laptop and since FreeBSD 5.3 S3 and S4 are 
>not working anymore, instead of suspending the machine immediately reboots.
>Here is some info:
>acpidump -d
>acpidump -t
>acpidump -o
>I have FreeBSD 5.4 PRERELEASE installed. Please ask if you need more 
>information, I really miss S3 :-(

I just bought a 510m too.

During my investigations before deciding to buy a 510m I saw a mailing
list message by you mentioning that S3 did work with 5.2.1:

I already tried S3 after booting the 5.2-RELEASE 'Live CD' but this also
reboots (still have to shrink NTFS and install FreeBSD).

Do you have more detailed information on what you did (or didn't) to get
it working under 5.2.1:

- dmesg/acpidump output?
- which 5.2.1 release/patchlevel?
- which Dell BIOS version (I have A08 at the moment)?
- any special settings/sysctl's?

I first want to install 5.2.1 and get S3 working there (trying to see
whether if I can reproduce your S3 success), and then find out what
changed beteen 5.2.1 and 5.3/5.4...


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