S3 and/or S4 modes for Sony Vaio PCG-v505?

Joe Kraft jvk-list at thekrafts.org
Thu Jul 14 15:16:21 GMT 2005

Joe Kraft wrote:
> Has anyone looked at the suspend modes for this Sony Vaio? Of course
> it's the one I have...  :-)
> It doesn't seem to return from the S3 or S4 state.  In a little
> debugging of the S3 state, I'm getting the ACPI return from suspend
> message in my message log.  The display never lights back up and the
> computer doesn't respond to anything except the power switch.
> I'm building a DEBUG version of the acpi module, to try and figure out
> what is or isn't happening.  Can anyone give me an idea of where and how
> to start looking?
> Joe.

Just a plug, hoping someone can point me in the right direction to help 
myself.  I haven't found anything from google, or in the handbook that 
really helps.

I've dumped the ASL and it compiles cleanly.  I've stripped most devices 
out of the kernel to get a minimal version for testing, and built a 
debug version of the acpi module.  At this point, I don't understand the 
ACPI code well enough to understand how it's all supposed to work.

Should I post kernconf, sysctl and ASL at this point, or is there 
somewhere I can find more information about debugging ACPI?


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