Resume problem with mouse, 5.3

Ian Soboroff ian.soboroff at
Thu Jan 27 13:20:06 PST 2005

Nate Lawson <nate at> writes:

> Attached, for convenience.  BTW, does anyone have problems introduced 
> when running with this patch or do you think it's safe for MFC?

Thanks... I had to Google that up (found in freebsd-mobile).  

It seems safe to me so far.  I haven't tested suspending with devices
such as PC Cards, USB, or Firewire devices plugged in.

As far as effectiveness goes, Anish says that it hasn't helped suspend
time.  I can test it this weekend (same laptop model, but I've felt
that it did better than not having it).  That just means that the
power draw during suspend on our laptops isn't covered by this patch.


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